Do you like music?. You can´t leave home without this Apps!

First of all the most popular app for music, #spotify. This app is just amazing, it works on varius platforms, so you can listen the songs of your favorite artist in your computer, your tablet, your play station, xbox, an obviusly in your phone!.

It´s so simple to use. you know exactly the song you want to listen? just seach it, you will find it. You don´t know exactly what to listen?, no problem, just listen one of them playlist. You just want to listen something familiar, but a lil different everyday? you have a daily list made just for you!.

yes, you have to pay a subscription for some of this advantage, but you have a free subscription that works really good as well, with a large catalog of music.

Secondly, we want to talk about an app that has touched the heart of a lot of music lovers. We are talking about #SoundCloud. this app just take your breath out, they have taken the music sharing to an other level. the way it works, where you can share your music privately with your friends or publicly to blogs and the not limit to file sizes, have created the perfect place to artist to share their art and let us enjoy of them. the music you listen on this app is quite different to what you listen on spotify, or on the radio. Did you like the mix you listened in your last party from your favorite Dj? you will most than probably find it in this app. Are you tired of listening the same songs and want just something fresh and actual?, you will find mixes, songs and covers in here you have never listened before.

We think this two apps are just the best complement to a music lover. Now, you can´t say you have listened it all.

written by: Julian Torres.