Many people is now facing the important decision of which new cellphone to buy, and many of them are looking for a model Apple has released recently: the iPhone X. To buy this phone is a huge decision for almost everyone because of its price and the different competition models that are out there in the market to buy like the Google Pixel 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, etc. In this entry, I will give you in one hand the top five reasons why I consider you should buy an iPhone X, and in the other hand the five top reasons why you should not buy it.

Why you should buy it:

  • Screen: The screen of the iPhone X is a 5.8” inch diagonal screen with an OLED technology. It is one of the biggest and with better screens out there in the market, and it displays the pictures, information, etc, very clearly. Something peculiar about this screen is that it is made by Samsung, which is Apple’s direct competition. Also, it has a technology called 3D touch, which permits the user to open up to different functions in apps inside the phone.
  • Camera: In the case of the camera, I’m talking about the backward camera. The camera is a 12MP wide camera which takes amazing pictures. I would even say that the pictures are almost as good as the ones that professional cameras take. It has many functions, and one of the most interesting is the Portrait Mode, which gives an incredible depth sensation in pictures.
  • Face id: This is the name given to the new phone characteristic by which you unlock your phone with your face. In other words, your face is the password to unlock your phone. It is a very impressive technology that works really well, and it is almost impossible to unlock if the face is not your face. It even recognizes you with sunglasses and other accessories.
  • Interface: How the new Apple’s software, the i.O.S. 11, works in the new iPhone is something incredible. It gives a feeling of having a totally new software. Why? It is very simple the reason, and it is because many of the functions of the phone are managed through gestures that are available thanks to the new software. Therefore, it is a very interesting technology that allows users enhance better their experience with the phone.
  • Quality: The materials and the quality of the software in this phone are awesome. Specially, in the components, they are very good looking materials that can resist many impacts of falls at reasonable heights, and are very efficient in making the phone look good.

Why you should not buy it:

  • Price: The price is something that makes people really skeptical about devices. In this case, the iPhone X is the most expensive phone in the market. Starting at $999 in U.S. and 1.159 € in Spain, the iPhone X has the most expensive price of all devices in the market by a huge amount of money, and this is really negative for the possible buyers who don’t earn enough money to pay a product with this price.
  • Competition: As I said at the beginning, there are many other devices in the market that perform really well, have similar hardware than the iPhone X, and have a lower price (some of them cost $300 less or more). One example of a phone with this three characteristics: the Google Pixel 2. Therefore, you as a buyer could and should see other brand’s phones before making the decision to buy an iPhone X.
  • Fingerprint Scanner: The iPhone X does not have a fingerprint scanner because Apple replaced it with the Face id. However, there are other phones in the market that also have the face unlocking and have the fingerprint scanner. In my opinion, the fingerprint scanner is better and safer, so the fact that the new iPhone does not have it is really negative.
  • First Generation Product: This phone is the first of its kind. It is the new Apple’s design, and this tells you that is going to have many problems. Obviously, they are not going to be problems that will not let you use the phone correctly, but I’m sure problems are going to exist. For me this means that probably is going to be better to wait one year for the next model to come out.
  • It Doesn’t Bring Fast Charge Brick: When the iPhone X was announced, Apple said that it comes with a capability called fast charger. This ability permits the user to charge their phone really fast (20 minutes approximately). For many people, charging their phone faster is a big plus. However, in order to activate fast charger in the iPhone X, users need to buy some accessories while other phone companies bring a fast charger power brick with their fast charge phones.

This are my five top reasons of why you should and you should not buy an iPhone X. I hope they help you to choose if you buy or not the new iPhone. In conclusion, it is a really nice device, but for a cheaper price you could buy some other device that is equally good and do the same functions.

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Written by: Mauricio Navio